New boutique in Via Della Spiga 50, Milano-242

New boutique in Via Della Spiga 50, Milano


One of the best brands for menswear and womenswear opened its new boutique in Via Della Spiga 50 in Milano where good quality for value is reached at ultimate level. Desizo Monni has a 30-year-old history in manufacturing tailored suits in industrial quantities. By its last year the brand developed a whole look of casual style combination of warm knitwear, leather shoes, belts and scarves. The classical "napoletaninan" jacket is transformed into even more lighter and sporty version by ever-lasting high quality materials.

Via della Spiga is the boutique street of Milan, where classicism and innovativism meets and presents it in a quite but sincere way. The style of Desizo Monni is in trend of the second most popular fashion street in world after Montenapoleone.