In 1991, Magdalen Dimitrov establishes the brand MONI MSD, in response to the demand for contemporary men’s and women’s fashion, corresponding to the newest fashion trends. Ten years later, he found the company DIMITROV and focuses on producing garments for many western fashion brands. In 2008, he decides to go back to developing his own brand and then creates the brand Desizo Monni. The brand is innovative, modern and diversifies itself with unique quality of the materials and technology. The product is created according to the dynamic growth of the parent company, DIMITROV, which developed its business with the latest technologies available in the sewing business.

Desizo Monni is produced in the same production line, as the products of brands like Armani, Zegna and Pal Zileri. This guarantees the traditional, but modern Italian technology of production. The leading product of Desizo Monni is the tradional suit, made from high quality fabrics and materials.

In 2017, Desizo Monni opens its first boutique store in Sofia, which was designed by famous Italian architect Claudio Pironi.

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