The technique of making the costume requires years of training by highly qualified international specialists. Dimitrov company’s employees are familiar with the mystery of creating quality products. But not only the human factor and modern equipment are the basis of perfect outcomes. The high qualities of the materials from which Desizo Monni’s products are creative are also crucial. These are exclusive fabrics from world famous manufacturers in Italy – as the canvas – specifically designed for the brand.

The factories the Dimitrov company works with are among the oldest in Italy. We present some of them.


Loro Piana

The family started trade in wool and fabrics back in early 1800. In 1924, Pietro Loro Piana laid the foundations of the current company in Corona. Since then, six generations have taken care of business development in manufacture and export of textiles worldwide. The brand is the largest producer of cashmere and baby cashmere in the Western world, the fibers of which are obtained in distant Mongolia. Loro Piana combines traditional craftsmanship with advanced technology and constantly invests in new ideas inspired by the nature around us. The company found that the fibers of a lotus flower, drawn entirely by hand, are the foundation of some of the most delicate fabrics known to mankind and implements them in the production of fabrics for the most demanding customers. Peru, Australia and New Zealand are just some of the countries where the company works to provide the best quality threads for their fabrics.



In 1836, Luigi Martsoto founded a small workshop for wool near Vicenza. Only four years later, the company had over two hundred employees and continued to grow rapidly by continually investing in technology and innovation. The factory is worldwide known for uncompromising quality and high standards that the company complies with since the beginning of its existence.

Its motto “Our experience is at the service of our clients” motivates the employees to create some of the finest fabrics from which the clothes by famous designers worldwide are sewed. Nowadays, Marzotto is one of the leaders in the production of fabrics made of wool, cotton, linen, silk and velvet. The production of 29,600 kilometers of fabric and 5100 tons of yarn per year ranks the company among the major players in the textile industry.



The company started its business 150 years ago near Brielle and since then it has been in a constant quest for perfection and attention to every detail with care for nature and the environment.

1865 is the year in which Carlo Reda transformed his passion to wool in business and founded a factory that grew and developed over the years so far. Generation after generation, it has invested in the family business keeping the old traditions to reach its current size of one of the main producers and exporters of quality Italian textiles. Reda presents a new collection to its customers twice a year offering an average of 2,500 varieties of fabrics and patterns.

The basic principles of the brand are quality, luxury and refinement, and the fabrics it produces are used by the world’s largest fashion brands for making their collections.


Vitale Barberis Canonico

The brand’s history began back in 1663, and since then, over 350 years, the company is continuously improving the technology of their production to satisfy the most demanding customers. Sophistication, elegance, innovation and responsibility are among its core values. Knowing the specifics of sewing different clothes – classic and ceremonial suits, jackets and overcoats – the brand offers combinations of fabrics such as wool and cashmere, wool and mohair, and others suitable for each product. Already 13 generations put their experience and desire to improve, so that Vitale Barberis Canonico to be among the leaders in world textile production.

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