Autumn/Winter 2018-19


The collection was created as a reflection of the male wardrobe’s liberalization in male fashion and the “release” of the strict rules linked to the “mandatory” male costume of the past nearly 100 years.
In the modern sense of fashion design or so-called ECLECTICISM, the more classic silhouette is combined with CASUAL LUX clothing, which is increasingly entering the men’s wardrobe as a consequence of modern lifestyle, but also allowing more comfortable and functional clothing for every day.

The classic and casual line of Desizo Monni brand includes suits, jackets and trousers, coats according to fashion trends in men’s fashion for FW 2018-19. They are made of fabrics such as melange, boucle, check pattern, embossed and structural fabrics, which are created by the largest weavers in Italy. The garments of the brand are sewn along classical Italian technology, combining traditional craftsmanship with modern technology.
The casual collection includes an exclusive denim line with laser print, bomber jackets of knitting, wool and suede, goose down outerwear, as well as jackets made of genuine leather.
The vision is complemented by elements in the so called DISCO style – typical of it are metallic shine as an element that transforms into a focus for a more special evening styling.
Desizo Monni introduces a limited edition of “DANCING SHOES” print, inspired by the work of artist Andy Warhol and, respectively, the style of POP ART.
For a complete end to every look from Desizo Monni’s Autumn-Winter 2018-19 collection, accessories such as shoes, belts and ties have been created.


Desizo Monni presents a limited edition print: “DANCING SHOES”, inspired by the work of the artist Andy Warhol, the style of POP ART and the disco aesthetics of “Studio 54”.
The theme is inspired by Warhol’s special attitude towards shoes, music and club life as a whole, his drawings, prints and illustrations for jazz album artworks.
The collection includes polo T-shirts, shirts, jackets and sneakers, as well as an exclusive denim line with laser print and bomber jackets inspired by portraits of Mohamed Ali of Warhol.