Following the course of its development, Desizo Monni logically reached its Exclusive line, where we unleash our imagination and reach the most complex designs in men's suits, jackets, coats and shoes. Collection created for an exclusive, special, first-class and unique man. To show exactly how limited our clothes are, we have created an EXCLUSIVE NUMBER, which you will find on the back of every garment you buy, and your unique number is specially made on embroidery from this specific model from several manufactured pieces. This way the client feel itself unique, emphasizing its unique number.

Diamond Sky

After the exceptional reception of this collection during the past difficult year, our fans and connoisseurs of the brand Desizo Monni wanted this theme to be included in the collection for the spring-summer season 2021. It is a reflection of a dream, a vast sky and a combination of gems and prints in jackets, trousers and shirts. They are embroidered from high quality materials with a combination of gems, prints and embroidery.

China Town

China is an inspiration to many designers and over the years its symbolism has been interpreted in fashion and developed at a very high level. This spring-summer 2021 season, the Exclusive line presents special prints with tigers and Chinese motifs on jackets, bombers and satin shirts in typical bright colors like red, blue and yellow. This theme is for the aggressive in fashion, those who want to stand out and be distinctive with their clothes.

Black Panther

As always, DESIZO MONNI relies on the dark theme in the prints. This year the BLACK PANTHER theme is central to the spring-summer 2021 collection presented by the famous footballer Ali Sow. The prints are combinations of wings, black cougar and bright luminous-contrasting eyes of the wild animal. This modern handwriting in the prints gives distinctiveness and exclusivity to the clothes in the series.


The fashion world is possessed by clothing branding for distinctiveness and individualism. Everyone who wears clothes from the LOGOMANIA line of DESIZO MONNI EXCLUSIVE is part of the brand and its connoisseurs. This line unites all fashion lovers and customers of DESIZO MONNI MILANO.
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