Tailor Made

Desizo Monni offers the prestigious “Tailor Made” service. Thanks to it you can choose a model and fabric that best fit your personality and the quality of the product is close to that of clothes sewn in the traditional way of an old sewing workshop. This individuality is highlighted by a special mark placed inside the jacket with your name inscribed on it and the date of acquisition of the garment. 

The overall concept is for comfortable and lightweight men’s clothing made in classic Italian technology with minimal fusing, extremely participation of handwork and perfect design. The specially tailored suit is a symbol of prestige, own style, exclusivity and sophistication. 

To ensure a perfect final form of the garment the fabric is crucial, for which quality natural materials were selected. They are supplied by leading Italian companies like Loro Piana, Reda, Marzotto and Vitale Barberis Canonico. Their composition and method of weaving impart a unique feeling of the fabric as well as in appearance (plain, glossy) and to the touch, and the feel of the finished garment on the body. 

The “Tailor Made” service gives you access to the VIP area of Desizo Monni shops where a personal assistant will take your exact measures and will acquaint you with the current trends. Your data will be sent to the constructive division of the company where they will produce cuts for you to allow the garment to perfectly fit your shapes. 

The “Tailor Made” service is the individual approach of Desizo Monni to the customer. It is an exclusive and luxurious experience that gives you a sense of care and attention to detail and will make you feel special.

The tailoring period is 21 days.

For contacts: +359 64 830390

tailor made