One of a kind

Made to Measure


The secret to tailoring the perfect men's suit is a combination of many factors. This tailoring service is for anyone who never compromises on their personal style of dressing and always needs to look stylish whether they are working in the office or having fun with friends in their spare time.

Customers are offered samples of artisan garments in a variety of styles and cuts that can be fully customized: choice of lining, fabric, buttons,. The result is a unique piece designed by the client and his personal master tailor.

Desizo Monni gives everyone the opportunity to choose and emphasize their individual style. A perfect way to create your own costume or be inspired by our collections. Our team of professionals are always ready to help you create or choose a men's suit, jacket, trousers or shirt.

The customer can choose from the best high-quality Italian fabrics from natural raw materials - wool, cotton, cashmere and silk from the best Italian textile producers such as: Loro Piana, Cerruti, Vitale Barberies Canonico and Reda.