Festive Collection 2023-246

Festive Collection 2023


Desizo is Festive !

Open up the Holiday spirit with our new Festive Collection 2023! Find out the perfect tailored made tux for your special festive event. Desizo Monni Milano prepared few new ideas with diversified design depending on your persona.

Diamond Sky
With more than 150 crystals attached to the special print of the Diamond sky we watch each beautiful nights. But with this suit you will be the mirrored midnight sky....on your event. Outstanding,, high quality and unique design is then perfect description of the Diamond sky!

Occation Ceremonia
Occation Ceremonia

The Brilliant Tux
A tuxedo made from the most exquisite and unique materials. The special embroidery on the lapel is designed developed by ur creative team and developed with high end technology. After that gently each crystal is put on the lapel by hand taking more than a lifetime....Be the Brilliant one!

The Velvet Tux
Velvet is one of the major trends this festive seasons since the 1950s, where the old Italian couturiers were designing gowns for women. This special luxurious silk velvet is bringing outstanding shine and new vision of the festive suit. The Velvet Tux is the new era of reinvolving silk velvet blazer.

Velvet Ceremonia
All the designs could be combined with a silky bowtie and plisse shirt for more outstanding ceremonial and festive look.

Enjoy the holidays with Desizo Monni!.